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Julius La Rosa

 "His singing is very direct and unpretentious -- he can wrap his voice tenaciously around a melody line and bring out the best in it.

He is certainly an equal partner to the song lyric."

Stephen Holden, New York Times.



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"Lucky, very lucky. I'm talking

about my whole life,

not merely my professional career."

-- Julius La Rosa


Anyone familiar with TV lore knows the story of Julius La Rosa and Arthur Godfrey and comes away with a warm feeling for "Julie" and a disappointment in Godfrey, the man who was once the King of Television, with three shows running at one time, each one a hit.


But Godfrey did Julie wrong, and Julius La Rosa, who's had quite a few hits during his career, has continued to ply his craft well, singing to

and wooing his audiences until they feel like personal friends with the Brooklyn boy who never forgot his roots.


"Eh, Cumpare" -- a song that translates from Italian dialect, "Hey, Neighbor, I want to sing..." He went on to act on stage and television,

and was a successful disc jockey for years.  Julie never lost the love and admiration of the viewers, and he still manages to charm more

than a few fans with each appearance.

"I always loved music. I always loved singing, and fortunately, I still do."-- Julius La Rosa




--Elizabeth Ahlfors



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